Vashikaran Mantra

Vashikaran Mantra:

“Vashikaran Mantra is basically a very powerful system which has a wide concept to create power in body so that people starts working according them to do.”

we have many ways by which we can do vashikaran and such ways are:

  • We can perform vashikaran with the help of mantras.
  • We can do Vashikaran through meditation.
  • Vashikaran can also be done through tantra.
  • Vashikaran can also be performed with the help of totkey.
  • With the help of gemstones vashiakran can be perfoemed.


Vashikaran mantra:

As name suggests mantras means spells. And vashikaran mantra means spells for vashikaran. vashikaran mantras are used to control the mind of person whom you have a relation or he/she is in your mind. Often, these mantras are used to perform love related tasks and solve love related problems.


Vashikaran has a large set of mantras for performing seperate tasks by different ways like:

  • To attract wife or girlfriend towards yourself.
  • To attract your husband or boyfriend towards yourself.
  • If you have relation with someone already then Vashikaran manntras can be used to make relationship better with your loved one.
  • To improve relations better with colleagues and boss.
  • To improve quality of business and spread business in the society.

A mantras of Vashikaran is given below:

  • Om kshan ksham kshah sau h h sah: thah: thah: thah: thah: swaha: By using this mantra loved one’s mind can controlled. chant this mantra 21000 times and make the food energetic and use mantra. after that eat the food by keeping photo of your loved one in your mind.

Some precautions are there to for using vashikaran that must be kept in mind.

  • use this mantra with full concentration otherwise it will not work.
  • Person who use this mantra must have faith on their masters.
  • Negative thinking give birth to negative energy so always work with positive thinking otherwise spells directs to negativity and spells works opposite desires.
  • Do not lose patience while chanting. if you lose patience than spell doesn’t work.
  • The place of practice and your dress must be neat and clean. impurity doesn’t allow to complete spell. food must be pure to get energized successfully.
  • Always Keep one thing in your mind. Do not use such vashikaran spells to harm anyone and if you do so negative effects can be shown to you. These spells must be used to help someone with clear and pure thoughts.



These spells are given by experts and professionals. so use such spells under guidance of gurus. If you try them at home yourself then such spells may not work and can effects worse than you can never imagine. In case of Love if the person you like doesn’t interested in you than also you can use spells under guidance of special gurus to get control of their mind.


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